A Screen Translator/OCR Translator made by using Python and Tesseract, the user interface are made using Tkinter. All code written in python.



An OCR translator tool. Made by me by utilizing Tesseract, compiled to .exe using pyinstaller. I made this program to learn more about python.

Inspired by Visual Novel Reader (VNR), Visual Novel OCR, and QTranslate


For User

  • tesseract, You only need to install it and its language tessdata
  • Internet connection Obviously

For Dev

  • Python 3.5+, checked using vermin (I am using python 3.9.6)
  • Libraries from python: os, sys, functools, json, webbrowser, subprocess, datetime, Mbox, tkinter, pathlib, asyncio
  • External libraries: pyperclip, pytesseract, pyautogui, pillow, deepl_scraper_pp, deep_translator, keyboard

You can install them by running pip_install.bat or by installing them yourself, full details are located at requirements.txt.
*If i miss anything please let me know.

Tutorial on How To Install and Setup

For User

  1. Download the latest release of this program

  2. Install tesseract, make sure to select install all language pack when prompted

  3. Open the ScreenTranslate.exe

  4. Check settings, make sure tesseract location is correct

  5. Set monitor scaling to 100% so that image is captured accurately (If scaling is not set to 100% you will need to set offset in setting) (Recommended)

  6. Set offset if on multiple monitors. (Optional)

  7. Try capturing image and see if it works or not, if it doesn't, go check the image captured in img_cache folder. If it still doesn't work, try to change the offset.

  8. Now that you have set everything, the app should be ready. Feel free to submit new issue on the github repository if you encounter any bugs.

For Dev

  1. Clone the repo or download the source code of the latest release

  2. Install tesseract, make sure select install all language pack when prompted

  3. Install all the dependencies used for the project

  4. Run and test the source code

  5. If everything works, you can run the app normally running the ScreenTranslate.py file or using the TempRun.bat

if everything works and you have a suggestion or improvement, you can submit a pull request on the github repository. I will check if it's a good idea to add it.

How To Compile It To .exe Yourself

You can use p2exe or many other stuff. I use pyinstaller to compile it.
Command used are

# On Source Code Directory
pyinstaller ScreenTranslate.spec

Read this stackoverflow post to learn more on how to do it.

Tutorial on How To Use

  1. Select Language
  2. Translate or Capture Image using the capture window
  3. Set hotkeys and delays as needed
  4. Set offset if needed (Usually when scaling is not 100% or when using multiple monitors)
  5. Done


This is a free open source software, you can use it for any purpose. However, I am not responsible for any damage caused by this software. Use it at your own risk. (Not that it will do anything to you, it's just a tool to help you translate text lol)

This is also non profit, I gain no money from creating this.

  • Thank you for creating the software. But can you help me to solve the following problems.

    Thank you for creating the software. But can you help me to solve the following problems.

    I tried translating the game tales of arise. doesn't seem to work well with large fonts. And often appear "Please enter some text". Does (Opacity) affect the effectiveness of text detection in the game? How should I adjust the Offset X , Y , W , H, for the software to work best image

    opened by nonamebatbai 25
  • Multiple improvements, view comment

    Multiple improvements, view comment

    • Add hotkey for capture and translate
      • Uses python module 'keyboard'
      • Example: Set hotkey to 'Enter' such that pressing enter can both advance the VN and capture
      • User is able to set the hotkey in settings by pressing button and press desired hotkey
    • Instead of reading Setting.json everytime the screen is captured, cached settings in memory is read to reduce read from hard drive
    • Auto copy resource and user_manual from source through .spec file; Removed redundant files from copy_after_compiling
    • Fix typo
    • Add files to .gitignore
    opened by laggykiller 8
  • Changing directory structure

    Changing directory structure

    • Change directory structure
    • Use os.path.join() instead of string joining for handling paths
    • Use variables of paths instead of joining path everytime it is used
    opened by laggykiller 4
  • i have an idea

    i have an idea


    pretty good results. so my idea is you can create an extra window. and darken the surroundings. to see the text better and the "Text Capture Area" will work better and the "Text Capture Area" window must be overlaid on the new window to darken the surroundings to work properly. hfg12 I darkened the "Text Capture Area" and used "Capture Area Settings" to translate and got the exact same result as the picture above.

    opened by nonamebatbai 3
  •  Can you add more OCR engines to your software?

    Can you add more OCR engines to your software?

    Untitled This dialogue with black border translates very accuratel Untitled1 y or the dark scene, the translation is also very accurat Untitled 2 e but the light scene cannot be translated. Can you solve this problem? Why does the software not work when the scene is bright?

    opened by nonamebatbai 3
  • thank you very much

    thank you very much

    thank you very much . The software is considered complete. I'm so grateful for your hard work to create great software like this. And this is also the last version you updated?

    opened by nonamebatbai 0
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