Genalog is an open source, cross-platform python package allowing generation of synthetic document images with custom degradations and text alignment capabilities.


Genalog - Synthetic Data Generator

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Genalog is an open source, cross-platform python package for generating document images with synthetic noise that mimics scanned analog documents (thus the name genalog). You can also add various text degradations to these images. The purpose of this tool is to provide a fast and efficient way to generate synthetic documents from text data by leveraging layout from templates that you create in simple HTML format.



Genalog has various capabilities:

  1. Flexible format Image Generation
  2. Custom image degradation
  3. Extract Text from Images using Cognitive Search Pipeline
  4. Get OCR Performance Metrics

The aim of this project is to provide a complete solution for generating synthetic images from any text data rich in natural language and to imitate most of OCR noises founded in scanned text documents.

Please refer to our Genalog documentation for more tutorials.


See the Genalog install guide for more details.

To install the latest release:

pip install genalog

Extra Installation Steps in MacOs and Windows

We have a dependency on Weasyprint, which in turn has non-python dependencies including Pango, cairo and GDK-PixBuf that need to be installed separately.

So far, Pango, cairo and GDK-PixBuf libraries are available in Ubuntu-18.04 and later by default.

If you are running on Windows, MacOS, or other Linux distributions, please see installation instructions from WeasyPrint.

NOTE: If you encounter the errors like no library called "libcairo-2" was found, this is probably due to the three extra dependencies missing.

Getting Started

The following is a summary of the common applications scenarios of Genalog. Please refer the Jupyter notebook examples that make use of the core code base of Genalog and repository utilities.


If you are interested in a full document generation and degration pipeline, please see the following notebook:

Description Indepth Jupyter Notebook Examples
1 Analog Document Generation Pipeline Demo Notebook

Else we have in-depth walkthroughs of each of the module in Genalog.

Steps Indepth Jupyter Notebook Examples Quick Start Guides
1 Create Template for Image Generation Demo Notebook Here is our guide to Document Generation
2 Degrade Prebuilt Images Demo Notebook Here is our guide to Image Degradation
3 Get Text From Images Using OCR Demo Notebook Here is our guide to Extracting Text
4 Align Text Produced from OCR with Ground Truth Text Demo Notebook Here is our guide to Text Alignment
5 NER Label Propagation from Ground Truth to OCR Tokens Demo Notebook Here is our guide to Label Propagation

We also provide notebooks for the complete end-to-end scenario of generating a synthetic dataset connecting all the components of genalog:

Scenario Indepth Jupyter Notebook
1 Synthetic Dataset Generation with LABELED NER Dataset Demo Notebook

Other Requirements:

  1. If you want to use the OCR Capabilities of Azure to Extract Text from the Images You'll require the following resources:

    1. Azure Cognitive Search Service Quickstart Guide Here
    2. Azure Blob Storage Quickstart Guide Here

    See Azure Docs for more information on Azure Cognitive Search.

Package Release

Please see for more details on the release process.

Repo Structure

│       ├─── generation                      # generate text images
│       ├──── degradation                    # methods for image degradation
│       ├──── ocr                            # running the Azure Search Pipeline
│       └──── text                           # methods to Align OCR Output Text with 
├────devops                                  # CI/CD pipelines
├────docs                                    # containing online documentaions
├────examples                                # example Jupyter Notebooks for Various 
├────tests                                   # tests
├────tox.ini                                 # CI orchestration and configurations

Trademark Notice

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Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct

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Contribution Guidelines

This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. Most contributions require you to agree to a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) declaring that you have the right to, and actually do, grant us the rights to use your contribution. For details, visit

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This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact [email protected] with any additional questions or comments.

Citing genalog

If you find genalog helpful to your work, please consider citing our tool and paper using the following BibTeX entry:

  title={Lights, Camera, Action! A Framework to Improve NLP Accuracy over OCR documents},
  author={Gupte, Amit and Romanov, Alexey and Mantravadi, Sahitya and Banda, Dalitso and Liu, Jianjie and Khan, Raza and Meenal, Lakshmanan Ramu and Han, Benjamin and Srinivasan, Soundar},
  journal={Document Intelligence Workshop at KDD 2021},


Genalog was originally developed by the MAIDAP team at Microsoft Cambridge NERD in association with the Text Analytics Team in Redmond.

  • Remove files specific to Project Enki

    Remove files specific to Project Enki

    Remove files pertaining to Project Enki only:

    1. Scripts pertaining to the TA model and the unlabeled dataset scenario.
    2. Scripts pertaining to the specific Azure resource.
    opened by laserprec 4
  • Can we  add line_spacing?

    Can we add line_spacing?

    Hello, I am trying to add linespacing. Even though I add new lines manually from txt, it still removes them.

    with open(txt_path, 'r') as f:
        text =
    # Initialize Content Object
    text = text.replace('\n', '\n\n')
    paragraphs = text.split('\n\n\n')

    printing paragraph gives the demanded result, however, default_generator.set_styles_to_generate(new_style_combinations) somehow removes blank lines. Thank you in advance

    opened by egenc 2
  • Update Build Status Badge

    Update Build Status Badge

    Update build status badge to point to

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  • Add build.yml

    Add build.yml

    Add initial build files

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  • gray image only?

    gray image only?

    Hi, Can genalog degrade RGB images?

    opened by cloudfool 1
  • What about Genalog and other languages?

    What about Genalog and other languages?

    What about Genalog in c#?

    opened by Oleg26Dev 1
  • Add copyright disclaimer

    Add copyright disclaimer

    Adding copy right disclaimers to source files.

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  • Fix installation link

    Fix installation link

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  • Laserprec/install_link_update


    1. Update installation link from TestPyPI
    2. Add AnalogDocumentGenerator diagram
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  • Laserprec/jupyter book doc

    Laserprec/jupyter book doc

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  • genalog does not work with newer versions of weasyprint

    genalog does not work with newer versions of weasyprint

    Newer versions of weasyprint (53.x) removed their dependency on cairo and do not support PNG exports anymore (see Kozea/WeasyPrint#1232 and

    This breaks some parts of the genalog code, specifically the following methods are affected (as far as I have seen)

    Maybe some warning should be added to the documentation regarding this and what is the plan moving forward.

    Thank you :D

    opened by pedromb 2
  • other languages

    other languages

    Does genalog support the Arabic language? Thanks in advance.

    opened by OmarMohammed88 1
  • Adding ability to extract a template CSS from a given PDF or image file

    Adding ability to extract a template CSS from a given PDF or image file

    Genalog is great in generating a synthetic document from a given template, but coming up with a template is still a pain.

    Wouldn't it be great if I can just point Genalog to a PDF or image, and ask it to synthesize more documents like that?

    In other words, can we add the functionality of extracting a CSS template out of a given PDF/image, to complete the cycle?


    Document Intelligence

    opened by document-intelligence 2
  • v0.1.0(Jul 20, 2021)

    Genalog Changelog

    All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

    Types of changes

    1. Added for new features.
    2. Changed for changes in existing functionality.
    3. Deprecated for soon-to-be removed features.
    4. Removed for now removed features.
    5. Fixed for any bug fixes.
    6. Security in case of vulnerabilities.

    The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and we adopt the Semantic Versioning.

    [v0.1.0] - 2021-07-20


    • Initial package release:
      • 3 standard HTML document template for generation
      • basic image degradation effects including blur, bleed-through, salt & pepper and other morphological operations.
      • 2 flavors of text alignment algorithm: Needleman-Wunsch (shorter text segments) and RETAS (longer text segments)
      • Full e2e NER-OCR label generation notebooks
      • See documentation for more on the initial features of the package.


    • 9b0a92c45fb948f00bde820aae57d24749ca30c8 Release 0.1.0 (#32)
    • 9047cd6197feb49a1e27468c1484999a504210e0 Laserprec/bugfix img save (#31)
    • 7c25f068018e1c167cfafb4c935dcec27df22a65 Laserprec/production_release (#30)
    • 0e982f2724e9f8ef0e88bfd2d09230167027410b Laserprec/jupyter book doc (#28)
    • 6180948ce5859b31f8e1f13ad10da8eeb068a599 Add copyright disclaimer (#27)
    • e01b609fe7f4df669066fc371fb2b505dba0ec6d Fix installation link (#26)
    See More
    • 09dd21405d76bc81aba4135874462c1b8c312800 Laserprec/install_link_update (#25)
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