A curated list of programmatic weak supervision papers and resources


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A curated list of programmatic/rule-based weak supervision papers and resources.


An overview of weak supervision


An Overview of Weak Supervision

Building NLP Classifiers Cheaply With Transfer Learning and Weak Supervision


Theory & Systems for Weak Supervision | Chinese Version

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes on Weak Supervision


Data Programming: Creating Large Training Sets, Quickly. Alex Ratner NeurIPS 2016

Socratic Learning: Augmenting Generative Models to Incorporate Latent Subsets in Training Data. Paroma Varma FILM-NeurIPS 2016

Training Complex Models with Multi-Task Weak Supervision. Alex Ratner AAAI 2019

Data Programming using Continuous and Quality-Guided Labeling Functions. Oishik Chatterjee AAAI 2020

Fast and Three-rious: Speeding Up Weak Supervision with Triplet Methods. Dan Fu ICML 2020

Learning from Rules Generalizing Labeled Exemplars. Abhijeet Awasthi ICLR 2020

Train and You'll Miss It: Interactive Model Iteration with Weak Supervision and Pre-Trained Embeddings. Mayee F. Chen 2020

Learning the Structure of Generative Models without Labeled Data. Stephen H. Bach ICML 2017

Inferring Generative Model Structure with Static Analysis. Paroma Varma NeurIPS 2017

Learning Dependency Structures for Weak Supervision Models. Paroma Varma ICML 2019

Self-Training with Weak Supervision. Giannis Karamanolakis NAACL 2021

Interactive Programmatic Labeling for Weak Supervision. Benjamin Cohen-Wang KDD Workshop 2019

Pairwise Feedback for Data Programming. Benedikt Boecking NeurIPS 2019 workshop on Learning with Rich Experience: Integration of Learning Paradigms

Interactive Weak Supervision: Learning Useful Heuristics for Data Labeling. Benedikt Boecking ICLR 2021

Active WeaSuL: Improving Weak Supervision with Active Learning. Samantha Biegel ICLR WeaSuL 2021


Snorkel: Rapid Training Data Creation with Weak Supervision. Alex Ratner VLDB 2018

Snorkel DryBell: A Case Study in Deploying Weak Supervision at Industrial Scale. Stephen H. Bach SIGMOD (Industrial) 2019

Snuba: Automating Weak Supervision to Label Training Data. Paroma Varma VLDB 2019

Migrating a Privacy-Safe Information Extraction System to a Software 2.0 Design. Ying Sheng CIDR 2020

Overton: A Data System for Monitoring and Improving Machine-Learned Products. Christopher Ré CIDR 2020

Ruler: Data Programming by Demonstration for Document Labeling. Sara Evensen EMNLP 2020 Findings

skweak: Weak Supervision Made Easy for NLP. Pierre Lison 2021



Scene Graph Prediction with Limited Labels. Vincent Chen ICCV 2019

Multi-Resolution Weak Supervision for Sequential Data. Paroma Varma NeurIPS 2019

Rekall: Specifying Video Events using Compositions of Spatiotemporal Labels. Daniel Y. Fu SOSP 2019

GOGGLES: Automatic Image Labeling with Affinity Coding. Nilaksh Das SIGMOD 2020

Cut out the annotator, keep the cutout: better segmentation with weak supervision. Sarah Hooper ICLR 2021

Task Programming: Learning Data Efficient Behavior Representations. Jennifer J. Sun CVPR 2021


Heterogeneous Supervision for Relation Extraction: A Representation Learning Approach. Liyuan Liu EMNLP 2017

Training Classifiers with Natural Language Explanations. Braden Hancock ACL 2018

Deep Text Mining of Instagram Data without Strong Supervision. Kim Hammar ICWI 2018

Bootstrapping Conversational Agents With Weak Supervision. Neil Mallinar AAAI 2019

Weakly Supervised Sequence Tagging from Noisy Rules. Esteban Safranchik AAAI 2020

NERO: A Neural Rule Grounding Framework for Label-Efficient Relation Extraction. Wenxuan Zhou WWW 2020

Named Entity Recognition without Labelled Data: A Weak Supervision Approach. Pierre Lison ACL 2020

Fine-Tuning Pre-trained Language Model with Weak Supervision: A Contrastive-Regularized Self-Training Approach. Yue Yu NAACL 2021

BERTifying Hidden Markov Models for Multi-Source Weakly Supervised Named Entity Recognition Yinghao Li ACL 2021


Generating Multi-Agent Trajectories using Programmatic Weak Supervision. Eric Zhan ICLR 2019


Generating Training Labels for Cardiac Phase-Contrast MRI Images. Vincent Chen MED-NeurIPS 2017

Osprey: Weak Supervision of Imbalanced Extraction Problems without Code. Eran Bringer SIGMOD DEEM Workshop 2019

Weakly Supervised Classification of Rare Aortic Valve Malformations Using Unlabeled Cardiac MRI Sequences. Jason Fries Nature Communications 2019

Doubly Weak Supervision of Deep Learning Models for Head CT. Khaled Saab MICCAI 2019

A clinical text classification paradigm using weak supervision and deep representation. Yanshan Wang BMC MIDM 2019

A machine-compiled database of genome-wide association studies. Volodymyr Kuleshov Nature Communications 2019

Weak Supervision as an Efficient Approach for Automated Seizure Detection in Electroencephalography. Khaled Saab NPJ Digital Medicine 2020

Extracting Chemical Reactions From Text Using Snorkel. Emily Mallory BMC Bioinformatics 2020

Cross-Modal Data Programming Enables Rapid Medical Machine Learning. Jared A. Dunnmon Patterns 2020

SwellShark: A Generative Model for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition without Labeled Data. Jason Fries

Ontology-driven weak supervision for clinical entity classification in electronic health records. Jason Fries Nature Communications 2021

Utilizing Weak Supervision to Infer Complex Objects and Situations in Autonomous Driving Data. Zhenzhen Weng IV 2019

Multi-frame Weak Supervision to Label Wearable Sensor Data. Saelig Khattar ICML Time Series Workshop 2019


Acclerating Machine Learning with Training Data Management. Alex Ratner

Weak Supervision From High-Level Abstrations. Braden Jay Hancock

Other Weak Supervision Paradigm

Label-name Only Supervision

Weakly-Supervised Neural Text Classification. Yu Meng CIKM 2018

Weakly-Supervised Hierarchical Text Classification. Yu Meng AAAI 2019

Weakly-Supervised Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis via Joint Aspect-Sentiment Topic Embedding. Jiaxin Huang EMNLP 2020

Text Classification Using Label Names Only: A Language Model Self-Training Approach. Yu Meng EMNLP 2020

Hierarchical Metadata-Aware Document Categorization under Weak Supervision. Yu Zhang WSDM 2021

Jieyu Zhang
Jieyu Zhang
Self-training with Weak Supervision (NAACL 2021)

This repo holds the code for our weak supervision framework, ASTRA, described in our NAACL 2021 paper: "Self-Training with Weak Supervision"

Microsoft 25 Jun 3, 2021
Code and data of the ACL 2021 paper: Few-Shot Text Ranking with Meta Adapted Synthetic Weak Supervision

MetaAdaptRank This repository provides the implementation of meta-learning to reweight synthetic weak supervision data described in the paper Few-Shot

THUNLP 3 Jun 8, 2021
EMNLP 2020 - Summarizing Text on Any Aspects

Summarizing Text on Any Aspects This repo contains preliminary code of the following paper: Summarizing Text on Any Aspects: A Knowledge-Informed Weak

Bowen Tan 17 Jun 8, 2021
Web-interface + rest API for classification and regression (https://jeff1evesque.github.io/machine-learning.docs)

Machine Learning This project provides a web-interface, as well as a programmatic-api for various machine learning algorithms. Supported algorithms: S

Jeff Levesque 237 May 5, 2021
Weakly Supervised Learning of Rigid 3D Scene Flow

Weakly Supervised Learning of Rigid 3D Scene Flow This repository provides code and data to train and evaluate a weakly supervised method for rigid 3D

Zan Gojcic 64 May 31, 2021
Weakly supervised medical named entity classification

Trove Trove is a research framework for building weakly supervised (bio)medical named entity recognition (NER) and other entity attribute classifiers

null 22 May 28, 2021
A curated list of neural network pruning resources.

A curated list of neural network pruning and related resources. Inspired by awesome-deep-vision, awesome-adversarial-machine-learning, awesome-deep-learning-papers and Awesome-NAS.

Yang He 1.1k Jun 13, 2021
OpenMMLab Pose Estimation Toolbox and Benchmark.

Introduction English | 简体中文 MMPose is an open-source toolbox for pose estimation based on PyTorch. It is a part of the OpenMMLab project. The master b

OpenMMLab 887 Jun 12, 2021
OpenMMLab Detection Toolbox and Benchmark

MMDetection is an open source object detection toolbox based on PyTorch. It is a part of the OpenMMLab project.

OpenMMLab 15.3k Jun 13, 2021
Ludwig is a toolbox that allows to train and evaluate deep learning models without the need to write code.

Translated in ???? Korean/ Ludwig is a toolbox that allows users to train and test deep learning models without the need to write code. It is built on

Ludwig 7.7k Jun 15, 2021
Ludwig is a toolbox that allows to train and evaluate deep learning models without the need to write code.

Translated in ???? Korean/ Ludwig is a toolbox that allows users to train and test deep learning models without the need to write code. It is built on

Ludwig 7.7k Jun 13, 2021
StyleGAN2-ADA - Official PyTorch implementation

Need Help? If you’re new to StyleGAN2-ADA and looking to get started, please check out this video series from a course Lia Coleman and I taught in Oct

Derrick Schultz 69 Jun 9, 2021
Classic Papers for Beginners and Impact Scope for Authors.

There have been billions of academic papers around the world. However, maybe only 0.0...01% among them are valuable or are worth reading. Since our limited life has never been forever, TopPaper provide a Top Academic Paper Chart for beginners and reseachers to take one step faster.

Qiulin Zhang 103 Jun 10, 2021
StyleGAN2-ADA - Official PyTorch implementation

Abstract: Training generative adversarial networks (GAN) using too little data typically leads to discriminator overfitting, causing training to diverge. We propose an adaptive discriminator augmentation mechanism that significantly stabilizes training in limited data regimes.

NVIDIA Research Projects 1.5k Jun 13, 2021