a Disqus alternative


Isso – a commenting server similar to Disqus

Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server written in Python and JavaScript. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for Disqus.

Isso in Action

See posativ.org/isso for more details.

  • Email Notification Customization

    Email Notification Customization

    The Status Of the PR

    The PR is now closed due to a lot of messes.

    I'll create separate PRs in the future about this PR.

    If you wanna try the feature in this PR to help me with my future PRs, you can try the notification branch, which will serve as an upstream for the newly added mail module.

    PR separation (will do the next one once the current one is merged):

    • [x] PR 1: Email subject customization.
    • [ ] PR 2: Add lang option and the translation about the term Anonymous from isso/js/app/i18n/
    • [ ] PR 3: Add format option and translation templates for mail.
    • [ ] PR 4: Add support for html format in email.
    • [ ] PR 5: Add support for multipart format in email.
    • [ ] PR 6: Add template option for mail template path customization.

    Mail Format Choose

    Available options: plain, html, multipart. Default set to plain, so you don't need to config this in the mail block of the isso server conf if you mean to use plain text:

    format = plain

    To use multipart, set the option to multipart in the mail block of the isso server conf:

    format = multipart

    To use html, set the option to html in the mail block of the isso server conf:

    format = html

    Title Customization

    To customize the mail title, set like the following options in the mail block of the isso server conf:

    subject_admin = {replier} commented on {title}
    subject_user_new_comment = {receiver}, {replier} replied {repliee}'s comments on {title}
    subject_user_reply = {replier} replied to your comments on {title}

    IN the example, subject_user is set to two values, then the first one will be used when {repliee}'s comment is not the {receiver}'s original one, the second one will be used otherwise. subject_user can be set to a value, then the value will be used all the time in the reply notification.


    Mail Language

    language = en


    Mail Customization

    All three formats support customization, it helps to read the dafault configuration for details (isso/templates/comment.html for format = html, isso/templates/comment.plain for format = plain).

    To use the feature, set the following options like this in the mail block of the isso server conf:

    template = /the/path/to/the/directory/or/a-single-template

    If you set it to the path to a directory, for format = html it will check if admin.html and user.html in that directory are available. (For format = plain it will check admin.plain and user.plain; For format = multipart, it will check admin.html and user.html for html part, admin.plain and user.plain for plain part) The name of the file should be self-explaining. user.html and user.plain are used for reply notifications to the subcribed users, admin.html and admin.plain are used for mail notifications to the admin.
    If one of these is missing then in the corresponding case the template will fall back to the default. The log will tell you what happened when the error occurs. The template will be rendered by Jinja2.

    Alternatively, you could just directly edit the default mail template without setting the option template.

    Default template path for format = plain (Different if you set a different mail language using the option language):
    When mail language is not set using language or set via language = en: isso/templates/comment.plain When it's set any other language than en using language, take language = ja for example: isso/templates/comment_ja.plain

    Default template path for format = html (Different if you set a different mail language using the option language):
    When mail language is not set using language or set via language = en: isso/templates/comment.html When it's set any other language than en using language, take language = ja for example: isso/templates/comment_ja.html

    Default template path for format = multipart:
    html part: the same as Default template path for format = html (listed above) plain part: the same as Default template path for format = plain (listed above)

    Templating Examples: https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/518#issuecomment-450542453

    HTML Styling suggestion: Using inline css as much as u can, cause webmail service like gmail will block any kind of css on the web other than the inline css. In imap <style> tag works in mail. Don't leave out the <html> out as this will add to spam score to your mail.

    Format choose suggestion: Don't use format = html, the mail will have a higher spam score for having only html part. If you wanna use html, use format = multipart instead.

    Plain Text Customization Suggestion: remember to tidy your text and remove every unnecessary spaces besides the comment you want (things like {#...#} won't be rendered), 'cause they will be rendered into the final mail.

    Fallback Template: https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/518#issuecomment-450537644

    opened by SnorlaxYum 59
  • Reply notification

    Reply notification


    I love Isso, but the only thing that prevent me to drop Disqus for Isso is the ability for commenters to receive an email notification of reply.

    I get a working version with this feature (I use it in production on my blog: http://thomassileo.com), it still need some improvement, I just open the pull request to open the discussion.

    What do you think about this feature ?

    I added a field in the comment table, is this something that will prevent you to merge this feature ?

    Let me know what you think about this,


    opened by tsileo 36
  • Documentation incomplete

    Documentation incomplete

    I just set up isso for my blog and ran into an issue with the documentation.

    You mention embedding embed.min.js into the website, but you never once mention where it's from.

    Since I already new about the Embed.js library I got the code from that library and called that up.

    Lo and behold, nothing happened.

    Luckily I found a blog (in french) which mentioned copying js files from isso/lib/python2.7/site-packages/isso/js into Apache's directories led me onto the straight path.

    I therefore believe that it is necessary to include this into the documentation. I can probably produce a Pull Request, if it would help, even though I haven't worked with Sphinx before.

    opened by MyrionPhoenixmoon 32
  • [uberspace] Comments gone after reload

    [uberspace] Comments gone after reload

    I'm running isso 0.10.6 installed via pip on uberspace7 and added it (embed.min.js) to my Pelican driven blog. When loading the page, I can see the form and also the text that there is no comment yet, but when I try to submit a comment, I get a 403 on the POST request.

    The request was

    Accept: / Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5 Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 180 Content-Type: application/json Cookie: 4=WzQsIjg0MDQ1NGQwNDFlNjUyMmQ2NTE2NzNmNTdlNDlmOTQ2N2ZkYzdlYTgiXQ.DaZoLw.YCChMYMt4mQPoCNrY2MPndQ1sBQ; 5=WzUsIjUyMjVhZWJkMmI4YzQyZDBhYmY5ZjAzN2I5NTI5M2NkZmQ4MTM4YWYiXQ.DaZoOw.Rl2ZxtdGnsbksZWaDpC1rdi0HAY; 6=WzYsIjhjYTE4N2QzYjRhOGU0ZGRiOWQzMjBiMTE1YjkyYjRlOGUxYThmOWMiXQ.DaZpZw.mN6xd0BMG8NehUY6t2txP05kC5M DNT: 1 Host: isso.mydomain.de Origin: https://mydomain.de Referer: https://mydomain.de/ User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:59.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0

    and the response is

    HTTP/2.0 403 Forbidden access-control-allow-credentials: true access-control-allow-headers: Origin, Referer, Content-Type access-control-allow-methods: HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE access-control-allow-origin: https://mydomain.de access-control-expose-headers: X-Set-Cookie, Date content-length: 153 content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 date: Wed, 04 Apr 2018 13:57:09 GMT referrer-policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin server: nginx strict-transport-security: max-age=172800 x-content-type-options: nosniff X-Firefox-Spdy: h2 x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block

    Did I miss something in the docs? Do I need to adjust some file access? Any help appreciated.

    support docs 
    opened by p-vitt 27
  • Cannot send comments

    Cannot send comments

    Hello there!

    I have an issue. I have followed the Quickguide instructions, and added Isso to my website, but I cannot send comments.

    I am running isso in /opt/isso. The nginx is in /etc/nginx. These are my configuration files:

    isso.cfg here. nginx.conf here. (here is the javascript code, in case it might be of help. Nothing special there. Just copy pasted from another site))

    My html code is:

    <!-- comments enabled (isso) --> 
    <div class="comments">
        <h2 class="isso-title">Comments</h2>   
        <script type="text/javascript" 
            data-isso-avatar-fg="#9abf88 #5698c4 #e279a3 #9163b6 #2069b6 #486910 #e4bf80 #0f0f0f"
        <section id="isso-thread"></section>

    The comment's box does appear on my website, but when I click submit, nothing happens.

    This is what I do to run my site (locally):

    • create my site locally: bundle exec jekyll serve (using jekyll). This gives me a server address at
    • enable virtual environment: source /opt/isso/bin/activate
    • run isso: isso -c /opt/isso/isso.cfg run. This gives me the message: connected to

    Then, I go to a particular subdomain in my website (, and try to submit a comment, but nothing happens.

    What is the issue? Am I actually running the proxy with nginx? Notice that my site is a blog and the comment box appears on every page. Is that ok?

    opened by luisvalenzuelar 26
  • Have client read out shared settings from server

    Have client read out shared settings from server

    Some settings (reply-to-self and require-email) always need to be set to the same value on server and client side for correct operation. This change removes the need for such redundant information by having the client read out those settings from the server.

    According to the docs this should be true for require-author as well, but that settings doesn't seem to be implemented.

    server client feature 
    opened by pellenilsson 21
  • [support] What are the SMTP values for Exim4?

    [support] What are the SMTP values for Exim4?

    I have this

    # Isso can notify you on new comments via SMTP. In the
    # email notification, you also can moderate comments. If
    # the server connection fails during startup, a null
    # mailer is used.
    # self-explanatory, optional
    username =
    # self-explanatory (yes, plain text, create a dedicated
    # account for notifications), optional.
    password =
    # SMTP server
    host = localhost
    # SMTP port
    port = 587
    # use a secure connection to the server, possible values: "none", "starttls"
    # or "ssl". Python 2.X probably does not validate certificates (needs
    # research). But you should use a dedicated email account anyways.
    security = none
    # recipient address, e.g. your email address
    to = [email protected]
    # sender address, e.g. [email protected]
    #from = [email protected]

    in isso.conf but SMTP sending emails does not work. I use Exim4. What is wrong?

    opened by ghost 21
  • Isso isn't showing up on my blog anymore

    Isso isn't showing up on my blog anymore

    The service appears to be running, but it appears Isso decided to quit.

    $ sudo systemctl status isso

    sudo systemctl status isso
    ● isso.service - Isso Commenting Server
       Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/isso.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
       Active: active (running) since Thu 2020-08-20 04:02:55 UTC; 3ms ago
     Main PID: 1801 (systemd)
        Tasks: 0 (limit: 4915)
       CGroup: /system.slice/iss

    My config:

    dbpath = /var/lib/isso/comments.db
    host = https://domain/
    max-age = 15m
    notify = smtp
    log-file = /var/log/isso.log
    enabled = false
    listen = http://localhost:1943
    reload = off
    profile = off
    enabled = true
    ratelimit = 2
    direct-reply = 3
    reply-to-self = false
    require-author = false
    require-email = false
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree isso[2010]: Traceback (most recent call last):
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree isso[2010]:   File "/home/isso/.local/bin/isso", line 7, in <module>
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree isso[2010]:     from isso import main
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree isso[2010]:   File "/home/isso/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/isso/__init__.py", line 60
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree isso[2010]:     from werkzeug.wsgi import SharedDataMiddleware
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree isso[2010]: ImportError: cannot import name 'SharedDataMiddleware'
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree systemd[1]: isso.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree systemd[1]: isso.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree sudo[2012]: cranberrypie : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/home/cranberrypie ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/journalct
    Aug 20 04:11:49 cbtree sudo[2012]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user root by cranberrypie(uid=0)
    opened by CranberryPie1 20
  • [support] Isso does not work!?

    [support] Isso does not work!?


    I followed your quickstart guide but it seems that isso does not work. You could check it here.

    My nginx config is:

    server {
        listen 80;
        server_name comments.somenxavier.xyz;
        location / {
            proxy_pass http://localhost:8000;
            proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
            proxy_set_header Host $host;
            proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;

    My isso config is:

    dbpath = /var/isso/comments.db
    host = http://somenxavier.xyz/
    name = hola
    listen = http://localhost:8080/

    What is wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

    opened by ghost 19
  • Isso doesn't want to start

    Isso doesn't want to start

    I can't figure out what's exactly wrong. Also, how do I see the Isso version?

    [email protected]:~$ sudo systemctl status isso

    isso.service - Isso Commenting Server
      Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/isso.service; enabled; vendor preset: enab
      Active: activating (auto-restart) (Result: exit-code) since Tue 2020-03-24 19:
     Process: 9223 ExecStart=/home/isso/.local/bin/isso -c /home/isso/isso.conf (cod
    Main PID: 9223 (code=exited, status=2)
    Mar 24 19:13:12 vm-150 systemd[1]: isso.service: Unit entered failed state.
    Mar 24 19:13:12 vm-150 systemd[1]: isso.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'
    lines 1-8/8 (END)
    support question needs-more-info 
    opened by inputuserhere 17
  • Document how to switch from prebuilt package to from-source

    Document how to switch from prebuilt package to from-source

    Hi! I see tons of useful features merged in the repo, but no new releases.

    To be able to benefit from those new features, it would be great to have some documentation about how to switch from a running isso installed with pip install isso to the version at GitHub.

    Would it be something like cd into the isso folder, delete the content, do git clone, and then pip install .? Using virtualenv, right? Is there a way to go back? (probably backup the database and the folder first?). Are there new required/important config settings?

    Thank you :)

    opened by hamoid 17
  • Add option to remove

    Add option to remove "Website" form field

    In the default Isso comment form, there are four form fields: content, name, email, and website. If I have no use for the "Website" form field, how do I remove it? Of course, I could remove it by using some CSS rules, but is there a better solution?

    Perhaps there could be a data-isso-website-field option that controls whether or not to render the "Website" field.


    needs-contributor client feature needs-decision 
    opened by flux77 1
  • Prevent clicking submit twice

    Prevent clicking submit twice

    In the following logic, we clear the comment text or close the box only after the API call succeeds. But if the API call takes a few seconds, then excited users might press "submit" multiple times. Maybe disable clicking the "submit" button as soon as it's clicked the first time?


    needs-contributor client bug 
    opened by cjquines 1
  • Overriding translation string fails for count.min.js

    Overriding translation string fails for count.min.js


    I'm trying to adjust the capitalization of One Comment to One comment & 0 Comments to 0 comments by inserting this line in the client embed code:

        <script data-isso="//comments.test.com/" src="//comments.test.com/js/count.min.js"
        data-isso-num-comments-text-en="One comment\n{{ n }} comments"></script>

    This doesn't work, the browser shows it verbatim, i.e. "One comment\n{{ n }} comments" so I'm guessing this isn't possible where variables are involved, right?

    Any ideas for a workaround?

    Thanks! Ray

    client bug 
    opened by ScootRay 1
  • [meta] Client refactor or rewrite

    [meta] Client refactor or rewrite

    Currently, the client is heavily DOM-dependent and written in ES5-compatible syntax. Testing - although some great improvements with Jest and puppeteer have been made - is still hard to do.

    We cannot currently make use of real Promise or await functionality and other ES6 goodies. The justification for sticking with older source code syntax has been laid out in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/834, but this is not official policy but rather the opinion of 1 maintainer, subject to change.

    Things to think about:

    • Compatibility with older browsers
    • Increasing complexity of developer setup (installing too many packages, handling too many configs)
    • Notoriously unreliable and insecure JS/npm ecosystem
    • Bundle size
    • Performance with many comments, memory leaks when leaving page open (setTimeout)
    • Single-Page-Applications (SPA) and carrying state

    New or improved features

    • Editing buttons to insert Markdown elements like ** around the cursor (like GitHub, remark42, ...) (idea: cursor)
    • Editing help (inline, as a little popover or modal that slides out)
    • Editing name/website (and possibly email), tracked in https://github.com/posativ/isso/issues/111
    • Re-using more front-end functionality in the admin interface
    • Cleaning up CSS (tracked in https://github.com/posativ/isso/issues/859)
    • Auto-sizing <textarea>
    • Better feedback on errors (e.g. https://github.com/posativ/isso/issues/673)
    • https://github.com/posativ/isso/issues/331

    See also

    • An experimental rewrite of the client, with some new ideas for extensibility
    • Ground-up rewrite using React and TypeScript https://github.com/BBaoVanC/isso-frontend
    • Discussion in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/887#issuecomment-1140321229
    client needs-decision meta 
    opened by ix5 7
  • [Architecture] Multi-Site handling

    [Architecture] Multi-Site handling

    The current way Isso handles multi-site setups is quite confusing and causes many headaches internally. It has grown organically rather than being an intentionally designed feature.

    We should decide whether we want to support multiple sites in a single instance (and admin) or if we want to continue the multi-instance dispatch "solution".


    • Migration of existing data and setups
    • Handling multiple sites in the admin interface
    • If using full URIs instead of only relative paths: Differentiating http/https variants
    • https://github.com/posativ/isso/issues/647

    And much more to figure out.

    needs-contributor needs-decision meta 
    opened by ix5 2
  • 0.13.0(Jun 12, 2022)

    Full release notes: News

    What's Changed

    • CHANGES.rst: Fix small typos by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/809
    • [apidoc] Bugfix/api docs by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/810
    • [MAJOR] js: Move to webpack, pug from r.js, jade by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/800
    • init.py: Fix config startup check by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/811
    • GitHub Actions: Optimize actions, cache, upload artifacts by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/819
    • isso: js: embed: Insert Postbox before comments by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/820
    • docs: Check in rendered SCSS by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/823
    • [bin], [docs] Remove transifex helpers, references by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/824
    • treewide: Remove manpage generation by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/825
    • contrib: import_blogger: Warn on missing feedparser, run flake8 in contrib/ as well by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/818
    • docs, demo:
    • isso: js: Replace pug templates with plain js by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/822
    • js: Add Jest testing by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/801
    • .github: Add Javascript action by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/826
    • docs: update list of alternatives by @davidak in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/828
    • setup.py: drop python3.5 support by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/808
    • [docs] Add "Edit on GH" links, fix searchbox, widen viewport, better legibility by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/833
    • [config] Use only .cfg extension, unify getting conf location by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/827
    • [client] js: Limit syntax back to ES5, emit ES5-compatible output by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/834
    • Removes reference to unmaintained yaourt by @Fryboyter in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/835
    • css, js: Prefix all directives with 'isso-' by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/816
    • Bugfix/gravatar display avatar size by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/831
    • js: isso: Fix class selector for preview by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/840
    • Dockerfile: Use Alpine base images, optimize process by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/841
    • Add puppeteer end-to-end integration test by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/807
    • [ci] [docker] Use docker for e2e, client testing, add docker-compose file by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/847
    • [docs] Improve apiDoc handling, add entry to Makefile, flourish by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/849
    • Remove ansible, Vagrant cruft, move remaining to contrib/ dir by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/850
    • [docs] [MAJOR] Re-arrange, add a few missing pages to be filled in by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/848
    • docs: theme: Rework sidebar internals, fix search, error-on-warn, minor fixes by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/851
    • docs [MAJOR]: Fill in community, testing, contrib pages, add news entries by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/852
    • docs: contrib: More links, explain building the docs, syntax by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/853
    • docs: Expand community & Writing docs pages, import wiki articles by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/860
    • docs: Document snapshots, add "New in version x", def.-list styling, better config options documentation by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/862
    • [docs] Reduce width; code highlighting changes, installation guide improvements, prompt blocks by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/863
    • [server] isso/init: Log paths at start, error if not found; ISSO_SETTINGS takes precedence over -c flag by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/854
    • isso: migrate: Workaround empty Disqus ids/titles by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/855
    • [client] js: Support enabling reply notifications checkbox by default by @BBaoVanC in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/846
    • js: template: Do not strip newlines by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/857
    • [docs] Add Markdown rendering explanation, refs, more styling of tables and other elements by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/864
    • [client] js: Postbox: Use labels rather than placeholders by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/861
    • [server] Re-enable no-intra-emphasis Markdown ext, allow sub/sup elms by default, src if img by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/865
    • README: Include more information, new screenshot by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/867
    • Make it possible to identify the page author's comments by @BBaoVanC in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/844
    • [js] [tests] Add unit tests for postbox, comment-loader, comment rendering; better stubbing/TZ handling by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/868
    • [client] Fix avatar sizing on Chrome & Safari by @BBaoVanC in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/872
    • .github: Add issue, PR templates by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/873
    • [docs] Document server testing/pytest a little more clearly by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/876
    • app: i18n: Added Ukrainian translation by @okawo80085 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/878
    • [client] Highlight linked comments to identify them by @BBaoVanC in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/845
    • [client] i18n: Enable Turkish translations, add missing German strings by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/879
    • [server] Add /config endpoint by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/880
    • [docs] Update theme location, various nits by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/881
    • [config] Move isso-dev.cfg to contrib/ by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/882
    • js: count: Don't send /count request if there are no counters by @BBaoVanC in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/869
    • [client] js: test/integration: Test API directly by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/884
    • [client] Minor client bugfixes by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/886
    • [server] Remove obsolete /count GET, apiDoc improvements by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/883
    • [client][ci] Tests: Add screenshot testing by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/889
    • [CI] js: test: Decouple screenshots from regular e2e tests by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/890
    • [server] core: Replace flask-caching dependency with drop-in by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/893
    • [server] views: comments: Check using get(), not 'in' by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/895
    • Move references from posativ.org/isso/ to isso-comments.de by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/897
    • js, templates: Replace contenteditable div with textarea by @BBaoVanC in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/887
    • [server] [client] [docs] Fetch feed config from server, cleanup docs, isso-dev.cfg nits by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/898
    • [client] js: Fetch public conf once from /config; embed.js: Preserve default config values by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/821
    • [server] Strip trailing slash from public-endpoint, disallow trailing slash by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/877
    • [server] db: comments: Constrain parent of new comments by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/885
    • admin, demo: Use trailing slashes for user-facing pages by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/900
    • [docs] Polish contribute page, css list nits, client-config & docker fixes by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/901
    • [client] CSS cleanup by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/902
    • migrate: Handle single newlines in WordPress comments as line breaks by @projectgus in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/903

    New Contributors

    • @davidak made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/828
    • @Fryboyter made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/835
    • @BBaoVanC made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/846
    • @okawo80085 made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/878
    • @projectgus made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/903

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/posativ/isso/compare/0.12.6...0.13.0

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.13.0-py3-none-any.whl(190.67 KB)
    isso-0.13.0-py3-none-any.whl.asc(833 bytes)
    isso-0.13.0.tar.gz(181.46 KB)
    isso-0.13.0.tar.gz.asc(833 bytes)
  • 23, 2022)

  • 21, 2022)

  • 0.12.6(Mar 15, 2022)

    What's Changed

    • Add sphinxnotes-isso to related projects by @SilverRainZ in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/714
    • Improve cookie SameSite/secure handling by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/700
    • Serve isso.css separately instead of inline by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/704
    • Move the IRC channel to irc.libera.chat by @jelmer in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/731
    • Add Korean translation by @hwiorn in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/727
    • Update Vietnamese translation by @ruathudo in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/721
    • Add a github action by @jelmer in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/707
    • Fix GitHub actions by @BookGin in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/733
    • Require an edit cookie to be able to view a comment to be edited. by @fluffy-critter in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/683
    • admin: restore comment content after cancel edit by @rocka in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/470
    • docs: install: Reorder Install from source, py3.5 by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/703
    • Remove legacy werkzeug support by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/702
    • Use <pre> for comments in admin area by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/604
    • Build JavaScript files during python package build by @stefangehn in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/697
    • utils: html: Normalize misaka extensions by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/686
    • Dockerfile: Set TOX_ENV to use artifacts from nodejs build instead of building inside Python container (fixes #759) by @alexandru in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/760
    • Avoid TypeError when #isso-root is not in the DOM by @zaygraveyard in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/757
    • config: Disable interpolation of values by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/764
    • Handle browsers with no navigator.language better (#521) by @zackw in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/674
    • Have client read out shared settings from server by @pellenilsson in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/311
    • docs: quickstart: fix comment in sample config by @kevinnls in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/769
    • Remove py2 import remnants, sort imports, cleanup, move to pytest, enable python 3.10 by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/767
    • docs: Minor nits: Reword link, include advanced-migration in sidebar, copyright, clean conf by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/795
    • .github: Add sphinx docs GH Action by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/796
    • Revert "Build JavaScript files during python package build" by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/798
    • comment moderation fix item value check by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/799
    • [UGLY] admin: Use textarea for comment editing by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/793
    • Remove ISSO_CORS_ORIGIN and references by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/803
    • setup.py, README: Generate proper Project Description for PyPi by @ix5 in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/802
    • views: moderation: Add unit tests, proper response instead of "Yo", apiDoc clarifications by @fliiiix in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/805

    New Contributors

    • @hwiorn made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/727
    • @ruathudo made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/721
    • @BookGin made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/733
    • @alexandru made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/760
    • @zaygraveyard made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/757
    • @zackw made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/674
    • @kevinnls made their first contribution in https://github.com/posativ/isso/pull/769

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/posativ/isso/compare/0.12.5...0.12.6

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.12.6.tar.gz(146.20 KB)
  • 0.11.1(Nov 4, 2018)

  • 0.11.0(Nov 4, 2018)

    Bugs & features:

    • Fix link in moderation mails if isso is setup on a sub-url (e.g. domain.tld/comments/)
    • Add reply notifications
    • Add admin interface
    • Add links highlighting in comments
    • Add apidoc
    • Add rc.d script for FreeBSD
    • Add the possibility to set CORS Origin through ISSO_CORS_ORIGIN environ variable
    • Add preview button
    • Add Atom feed at /feed?uri={thread-id}
    • Add optionnal gravatar support
    • Add nofollow noopener on links inside comments
    • Add Dockerfile
    • Upgraded to Misaka 2
    • Some tests/travis/documentation improvements and fixes + pep8


    • Fix Chinese translation & typo in CJK
    • Add Danish translation
    • Add Hungarian translation
    • Add Persian translation
    • Improvement on german translation
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.10.5(Sep 20, 2016)

    • add support for different vote levels, #260

      List of vote levels used to customize comment appearance based on score. Provide a comma-separated values (eg. "0,5,10,25,100") or a JSON array (eg. "[-5,5,15]").

      For example, the value "-5,5" will cause each isso-comment to be given one of these 3 classes:

      • isso-vote-level-0 for scores lower than -5
      • isso-vote-level-1 for scores between -5 and 4
      • isso-vote-level-2 for scores of 5 and greater

      These classes can then be used to customize the appearance of comments (eg. put a star on popular comments).

    • add new post preview API endpoint, #254

    • add an option for mandatory author, #257

    • clients can now use data-title to get the HTML title for a new page, #252

    • add finish translation and other minor bugfixes

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.10.5-py2.py3-none-any.whl(104.86 KB)
    isso-0.10.5-py2.py3-none-any.whl.asc(819 bytes)
    isso-0.10.5.tar.gz(98.61 KB)
    isso-0.10.5.tar.gz.asc(819 bytes)
  • 0.10.4(Apr 12, 2016)

  • 0.10.1(Feb 6, 2016)

  • 0.10(Feb 6, 2016)

    • add new configuration section for hash handling.

      salt = Eech7co8Ohloopo9Ol6baimi
      algorithm = pbkdf2

      You can customize the salt, choose different hash functions and tweak the parameters for PBKDF2.

    • Python 3.4+ validate TLS connections against the system's CA. Previously no validation was in place, see PEP-446 for details.

    • add fenced_code and no_intra_emphasis to default configuration.

      Fenced code allows to write code without indentation using ~~~ delimiters (optionally with language identifier).

      Intra emphasis would compile foo_bar_baz to foobarbaz. This behavior is very confusing for users not knowing the Markdown spec in detail.

    • new configuration to require an email when submitting comments, #199. Set

        require-email = true

      and use data-isso-require-email="true" to enable this feature. Disabled by default.

    • new Bulgarian translation by sahwar, new Swedish translation by Gustav Näslund – #143, new Vietnamese translation by Đinh Xuân Sâm, new Croatian translation by streger, new Czech translation by Jan Chren

    • fix SMTP setup without credentials, #174

    • version pin Misaka to 1.x, html5lib to 0.9999999

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.10-py2.py3-none-any.whl(101.17 KB)
    isso-0.10-py2.py3-none-any.whl.asc(819 bytes)
    isso-0.10.tar.gz(92.74 KB)
    isso-0.10.tar.gz.asc(819 bytes)
  • 0.9.10(Apr 11, 2015)

  • 0.9.9(Mar 4, 2015)

    • several Python 3.x related bugfixes
    • don't lose comment form if the server rejected the POST request, #144
    • add localStorage fallback if QUOTA_EXCEEDED_ERR is thrown (e.g. Safari private browsing)
    • add '--empty-id' flag to Disqus import, because Disqus' export sucks
    • (re)gain compatibility with Werkzeug 0.8 and really old html5lib versions available in Debian Squeeze, #170 & #168
    • add User-Agent when Isso requests the URL, an alternate way to #151 (add 'X-Isso' when requesting).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.9.tar.gz(74.94 KB)
    isso-0.9.tar.gz.asc(836 bytes)
  • 0.9.6(Aug 18, 2014)

    • remember name, email and website in localStorage, #119

    • add option to hide voting feature, #115

    • remove email field from JSON responses

      This is a quite serious issue. For the identicon, an expensive hash is used to avoid the leakage of personal information like a real email address. A git blame reveals, the email has been unintenionally exposed since the very first release of Isso :-/

      The testsuite now contains a dedicated test to prevent this error in the future.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.9.6.tar.gz(77.19 KB)
    isso-0.9.6.tar.gz.asc(819 bytes)
  • 0.9.5(Aug 10, 2014)

    • prevent no-break space ( ) insertion to enable manual line breaks using two trailing spaces (as per Markdown convention), #112

    • limit request size to 256 kb, #107

      Previously unlimited or limited by proxy server). 256 kb is a rough approximation of the next database schema with comments limited to 65535 characters and additional fields.

    • add support for logging to file, #103

      log-file =
    • show timestamp when hovering

    • fix a regression when editing comments with multiple paragraphs introduced in 0.9.3 which would HTML escape manually inserted linebreaks.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.9.5.tar.gz(76.89 KB)
    isso-0.9.5.tar.gz.asc(819 bytes)
  • 0.9.3(Jul 9, 2014)

    • remove scrollIntoView while expanding further comments if a fragment is used (e.g. #isso-thread brought you back to the top, unexpectedly)
    • implement a custom Markdown renderer to support multi-line code listings. The extension "fenced_code" is now enabled by default and generates HTML compatible with Highlight.js.
    • escape HTML entities when editing a comment with raw HTML
    • fix CSS for input
    • remove isso.css from binary distribution to avoid confusion (it's still there from the very first release, but modifications do not work)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.9.3.tar.gz(76.43 KB)
    isso-0.9.3.tar.gz.asc(819 bytes)
  • 0.9(May 29, 2014)

    • comment pagination by Srijan Choudhary, #15

      Isso can now limit the amount of comments shown by default and add link to show more. By default, all top-level comments are shown but only 5 nested comments (per reply). You can override the settings:

      isso-data-max-comments-top="N" isso-data-max-comments-nested="N"

      Where N is a number from 0 to infinity ("inf"). If you limit the amount of shown top level comments, the overall comment count may be incorrect and a known issue.

      You can also configure the amount of comments shown per click (5 by default):


      This feature also required a change in the comment structure. Previously, all comments are stored tree-like but shown linearly. To ease the implementation of pagination, the comment tree is now limited to a maximum depth of one. Jeff Atwood explains, why discussions are flat by design.

      When you upgrade, Isso will automatically normalize the tree and some information gets lost. All new replies to a comment are now automatically a direct child of the top-level comment.

    • style improvements by William Dorffer, #39, #84 #90 and #91

      Isso now longer uses a fat SCSS library, but plain CSS instead. The design is now responsive and no longer sets global CSS rules.

    • experimental WordPress import, #75

      Isso should be able to import WXR 1.0-1.2 exports. The import code is based on two WXR dumps I found (and created) and may not work for you. Please report any failure.

    • avatar changes, #49

      You can now configure the client to not show avatars:


      Also there is no longer an avatar shown next to the comment box. This is due to the new CSS and removes two runtime dependencies.

    • you may now set a full From header, #87

      from = Foo Bar <spam@local>
    • SMTP (all caps) is now recognized for notifications, #95

    • Isso now ships a small demo site at /demo, #44

    • a few bugfixes: Disqus import now anonymizes IP addresses, uWSGI spooling for Python 3, HTTP-Referer fallback for HTTP-Origin

    • remove Django's PBKDF2 implementation in favour of the PBKDF2 function available in werkzeug 0.9 or higher. If you're still using werkzeug 0.8, Isso imports passlib as fallback (if available).

    This release also features a new templating engine Jade which replaces Markup.js. Jade can compile directly to JavaScript with a tiny runtime module on the client. Along with the removal of sha1.js and pbkdf2.js and a few build optimizations, the JS client now weighs only 40kb (12kb gzipped) – 52kb resp. 17kb before.

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.9.1.tar.gz(75.04 KB)
    isso-0.9.1.tar.gz.asc(836 bytes)
  • 0.8(Mar 28, 2014)

    • replace <textarea> with <div contentedtiable="true"> to remove the sluggish auto-resize on input feature. If you use a custom CSS, replace textarea with .textarea.

    • remove superscript extension from Markdown defaults as it may lead to unexpected behavior for certain smileys such as "^^". To enable the extension, add

      options = superscript
      allowed-elements = sup

      to your configuration.

    • comment count requests are now bundled into a single POST request, but the old API is still there (deprecated though).

    • store session-key in database (once generated on database creation). That means links to activate, edit or delete comments are now always valid even when you restart Isso.

      Currently statically set session keys in [general] are automatically migrated into the database on startup and you will get a notice that you can remove this option.

    • fix undefined timestamp when client time differs for more than 1 second. The human-readable "time ago" deltas have been refined to match Moment.js behavior.

    • avatar colors and background can now be customized:

      • data-isso-avatar-bg="#f0f0f0" sets the background color
      • data-isso-avatar-fg="#9abf88 #5698c4 #e279a3 #9163b6 ..." sets possible avatar colors (up to 8 colors are possible).
    • new [markup] section to customize Misaka's Markdown generation (strikethrough and autolink enabled by default). Furthermore, you can now allow certain HTML elemenets and attributes in the generated output, e.g. to enable images, set

      allowed-elements = img
      allowed-attributes = src

      Check docs/configuration/server.rst for more details.

    • replace requirejs-domready with a (self-made) HTML5 idiom, #51

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.7(Jan 29, 2014)

    • fix malicious HTML injection (due to wrong API usage). All unknown/unsafe HTML tags are now removed from the output (html5lib 0.99(9) or later) or properly escaped (older html5lib versions).

      See 36d702c and 3a1f92b for more details.

    • remove kriskowal/q JS library (promises implementation) in favour of a self-made 50 LoC implementation to ease packaging (for Debian), #51

    • add documentation to display a comment counter, #56 and #57

    • SMTP notifications now support STARTTLS and use this transport security by default, #48 and #58. This also changes the configuration option from ssl = [yes|no] to security = [none|starttls|ssl].

    • translation can now be made (and updated) with Transifex. If you want to take ownership for a language, contact me on IRC.

    • fix french pluralform

    • the (by default random) session-key is now shown on application startup to make different keys per startup more visible

    • use threading.lock by default for systems without semaphore support

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    isso-0.7.1.tar.gz(93.34 KB)
    isso-0.7.1.tar.gz.asc(836 bytes)
    isso-0.7.tar.gz(93.28 KB)
  • 0.6.1(Jan 12, 2014)

    This bugfix release now sanitizes HTML tags based on a whitelist (also prevents auto-link to "unsafe" web protocols and images) as intended.

    Fortunately because of Sundown's typography support, it did not affect JS injection, but custom style tags and iframes.

    PS: thanks to the anonymous submitter of a comment including a style tag for 24pt, red font ;-)

    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.6(Dec 16, 2013)

    Major improvements:

    • override thread discovery with data-isso-id="...", #27

    To use the same thread for different URLs, you can now add a custom data-isso-id="my-id" attribute which is used to identify and retrieve comments (defaults to current URL aka window.location.pathname).

    • isso.dispatch now dispatches multiple websites (= configurations) based on URL prefixes
    • fix a cross-site request forgery vulnerability for comment creation, voting, editing and deletion, #40
    • show modal dialog to confirm comment deletion and activation, #36
    • new, comprehensive documentation based on reST + Sphinx: http://posativ.org/docs (or docs/ in the repository). Also includes an annotated example.conf, #43
    • new italian and russian translations

    Minor improvements:

    • move isso:application to isso.run:application to avoid uneccessary initialization in some cases (change module if you use uWSGI or Gunicorn)
    • add Date header to email notifications, #42
    • check for blank text in new comment, #41
    • work around IE10's HTML5 abilities for custom data-attributes
    • add support for Gunicorn (and other pre-forking WSGI servers)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
  • 0.5.2(Dec 2, 2013)

  • 0.5.1(Dec 2, 2013)

  • 0.5(Nov 17, 2013)

    Major improvements:

    • listen option replaces host and port to support UNIX domain sockets, #25

      Instead of host = localhost and port = 8080, use listen = http://localhost:8080. To listen on a UNIX domain socket, replace http:// with unix://, e.g. unix:///tmp/isso.sock.

    • new option notify (in the general section) is used to choose (one or more) notification backends (currently only SMTP is available, though). Isso will no longer automatically use SMTP for notifications if the initial connection succeeds.

    • new options to control the client integration

      • data-isso-css="false" prevents the client from appending the CSS to the document. Enabled by default.
      • data-isso-lang="de" overrides the useragent's preferred language (de, en and fr are currently supported).
      • data-isso-reply-to-self="true" should be set, when you allow reply to own comments (see server configuration for details).
    • add support for gevent, a coroutine-based Python networking library that uses greenlets (lightweight threads). Recommended WSGI server when not running with uWSGI (unfortunately stable gevent is not yet able to listen on a UNIX domain socket).

    • fix a serious issue with the voters bloomfilter. During an Isso run, the ip addresses from all commenters accumulated into the voters bloomfilter for new comments. Thus, previous commenters could no longer vote other comments. This fixes the rare occurences of #5.

      In addition to this fix, the current voters bloomfilter will be re-initialized if you are using Isso 0.4 or below (this is not necessary, but on the other hand, the current bloomfilter for each comment is sort-of useless).

    • french translation (thanks to @sploinga), #38

    • support for multiple sites, part of #34

    Minor improvements:

    • ipaddr is now used as ipaddress fallback for Python 2.6 and 2.7, #32
    • changed URL to activate and delete comments to /id/<N:int>/activate etc.
    • import command uses tag instead of to extract the relative URL path, #37
    • import command now uses isDeleted to mark comments as deleted (and eventually remove stale comments). This seems to affect only a few comments from a previous WordPress import into Disqus.
    • import command lists orphaned comments after import.
    • import command now has a --dry-run option to do no actual operation on the database.
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
Martin Zimmermann
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A Python library that provides a simplified alternative to DBAPI 2. It provides a facade in front of DBAPI 2 drivers.

Tony Locke 44 Nov 17, 2021
Alternative StdLib for Nim for Python targets

Alternative StdLib for Nim for Python targets, hijacks Python StdLib for Nim

Juan Carlos 75 Jul 16, 2022
Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS). It is an open-source alternative to Mathematica

Mathics is a general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS). It is an open-source alternative to Mathematica. It is free both as in "free beer" and as in "freedom".

Mathics 157 Aug 5, 2022
Listreqs is a simple requirements.txt generator. It's an alternative to pipreqs

⚡ Listreqs Listreqs is a simple requirements.txt generator. It's an alternative to pipreqs. Where in Pipreqs, it helps you to Generate requirements.tx

Soumyadip Sarkar 4 Oct 15, 2021
An alternative site to emplea.do due to inconsistent service of the app.

feline a agile and fast alternative to emplea.do License: MIT Settings Moved to settings. Basic Commands Setting Up Your Users To create a normal user

Codetiger 8 Nov 10, 2021
Alternative layout visualizer for ZSA Moonlander keyboard

General info This is a keyboard layout visualizer for ZSA Moonlander keyboard (because I didn't find their Oryx or their training tool particularly us

null 10 Jul 19, 2022
Lima is an alternative to using Docker Desktop on your Mac.

lima-xbar-plugin Table of Contents Description Installation Dependencies Lima is an alternative to using Docker Desktop on your Mac. Description This

Joe Block 55 Jul 29, 2022
An Airdrop alternative for cross-platform users only for desktop with Python

PyDrop An Airdrop alternative for cross-platform users only for desktop with Python, -version 1.0 with less effort, just as a practice. ##############

Bernardo Olisan 6 Mar 25, 2022
An alternative serializer implementation for REST framework written in cython built for speed.

drf-turbo An alternative serializer implementation for REST framework written in cython built for speed. Free software: MIT license Documentation: htt

Mng 72 Aug 4, 2022
An alternative app for core Armoury Crate functions.

NoROG DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. This is alpha-quality software. It has not been extensively tested, though I personally run it daily on my lap

null 11 Aug 2, 2022
Contra is a lightweight, production ready Tensorflow alternative for solving time series prediction challenges with AI

Contra AI Engine A lightweight, production ready Tensorflow alternative developed by Styvio styvio.com » How to Use · Report Bug · Request Feature Tab

styvio 14 May 25, 2022
alternative cli util for update-alternatives

altb altb is a cli utility influenced by update-alternatives of ubuntu. Linked paths are added to $HOME/.local/bin according to XDG Base Directory Spe

Elran Shefer 6 Jul 23, 2022